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ASilverWeb provides Web site services

Build or redesign your Web site

Concentrating on Web services for the small business and non-profit agency. The purpose of a Web site is to present information for world wide viewing at minimal cost and maximum efficiency. Colors, shape and form help organize and align information for the visitor. Fancy bells and whistles can often distract from the presentation of information. At ASilverWeb, design of your Web site will be simple, organized, and fall in line with your identity. We strive to make your Web site cross platform and cross browser compatible, using established Web standards.

Maintain your Web site

Visitors expect three things on a Web site; content, content, and more content. We add and modify content.
We can create a Web page or site for your event.

Cross browser compatability

Your Web site should appear and work the same with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, or Opera. We adhere to common standards set forth by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).
To learn more about cross browser compatability issues, read this article at Web Pro News.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We understand what it takes to return the best placement possible in search engine queries. Your Web site will be built in such a way as to optimize the highest placement possible when people search the Web. We can modify your existing site, as well.

Shopping carts

Sell your products online. Professional and secure shopping carts are available from as low as $25 per month, using your merchant account or by acquiring a new one. Services are available to install, populate, and maintain your ecommerce shopping cart.


We can help you find a quality hosting service for your Web site. The best quality service will cost approximately $20 per month, though less costly services that cut corners are available. The ASilverWeb site is hosted by an excellent business in northern California using redundant Linux servers. Should you decide to host your site with, please let them know you were sent by user asilver.


The Web allows us to work outside of western Massachusetts and northern Berkshire County. We are located in North Adams, Massachusetts and work on sites located on the World Wide Web. Meetings face-to-face can easily be arranged throughout the state of Massachusetts and most of New England.

Fast loading pages

Our pages are designed to load fast. Graphics are optimized for 72 dots per inch, the best resolution for Web graphics. Graphics should be practical and enhance the site, not slow it down with high overhead.

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