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Improving the Quality of Streams

images from rivers
  • Stream Teams work locally to protect and restore the streams.
  • Streams Teams play an integral role in protecting natural resources and in working with conservation commissions to create active citizen participation.
  • Stream Team volunteers have completed trainings through the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Environmental Studies program as well as through the Hoosic River Watershed Association, in cooperation with Watershed Assessment Associates, who are NABS Certified Level II Taxonomists.
200 pixel wide space holder monitoring conditions in the Hoosic River

In the Hoosic River

We gather information about river conditions, from depth to current speed, while counting riffles and drawing simple sketches of meandering patterns.

collecting benthic macroinvertebrates

Collecting benthic macro invertebrates (tiny critters) and identifying them in the lab is often fun and exciting. We can tell a lot about the long term health of a stream by what we find living there. These critters have various tolerance levels for different pollutants and overall water quality, so thier populations indicate health of a stream.

removing debris from Onota Lake

Clearing Onota Lake

Removing debris protects the quality of water, improves ecological life, and beautifies the area. Here, a volunteer removes tires from Onota Lake during a statewide event.

recording scientific data about Pontoosuc Lake

Cruising Pontoosuc Lake

Gathering scientific data helps us understand the current health of a body of water. We study dissolved oxygen, pH, nitrates, clarity, and temperatures at different depths in lakes and ponds.

Prior events includeWood turtle with tracking device

  • Massachusetts Water Watch Statewide Make-A-Difference Day
  • Hoosic River Cleanup and MCLA Green Living Seminar
  • HoorWA RiverFest
  • Earth Day Celebrations
  • MCLA and City of North Adams College and Community Cleanup

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