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Utilizing ArcMap, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

GIS Services

  • GIS mapping and related GPS services covering Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts and the greater New England area.
  • Mapping services for real estate professionals and landowners in and around North Adams, Massachusetts. Aerial photography can be overlaid with wetlands, soils, species habitat, and other data of interest. Elevation contours are available, also.
  • Onsite training and education.

Digital Imagery

  • Digital photography . . .
  • Photoshop training . . .
  • Digital imagery explained.

GeoCache at MCLA

  • The Fall 2007 semester brings to MCLA the first of a series of geocaching activities, coordinated by Alan Silverman.
  • Geocaching is an outdoor activity using GPS receivers and predetermined coordinates to locate hidden treasures.
  • Geocaching is open to MCLA students interested in learning more about GPS and GIS, while exploring the greater Berkshire area.
  • There are enough geocaches hidden in North Adams and the surrounding Berkshire hills area to keep a small team busy for an entire season of cache hunting.

Web site design, instruction, construction, maintenance, and services

  • Search Engine Optimization SEO
    Search engines browse millions and billions of pages, reading and interpreting data, then catalog that data for future retrieval. I understand information architecture for Web sites and can help improve your site's ability to optimized by search engines.
  • Environmental Studies at MCLA
    This Web site was built by Alan Silverman to assist recruiting students to the Environmental Studies program at MCLA. This project also served as an internship during the spring semester of Silverman's junior year.
  • Caretaker Farm
    Located in Williamstown, this is one of the oldest CSA farms in Massachusetts. Alan Silverman is not only building this Web site, but is also a member. A CSA is Community Supported Agriculture, where the farm provides food direct to share holders in the area. This ensures the food is grown and consumed locally, while it is fresh, with a strong relationship existing between the farmer and the consumer.
  • Sonoma County Web Developers Special Interest Group
    Founded by Linda Hemenway, CIS Instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College, and subsequently driven by students and Sonoma County Webmasters, this group is still active. The original site was designed by an artist, then handed off to Alan Silverman in the form of Photoshop PSD files. Silverman created the site and managed it for two years. The site is archived here.

Tutoring Services

  • Environmental Studies Coursework - For Students at MCLA
  • GIS - Geographic Information Sciences
  • Web Design and Digital Graphics

Berkshire Environmental Stream Team

Stream teams play in integral role in protecting natural resources in the Hoosic River watershed.

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