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The name ASilverWeb relates to the web of services and talents offered by Alan Silverman.


  • Providing technical support and customer training;
  • Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, in Environmental Studies with a Science Concentration from MCLA;
  • Associate of Science, with Honors, with an emphasis in Computer Information Sciences from SRJC;
  • Educated in the arts and science of Unix systems administration at Apollo, DEC, HP, and Sun Microsystems;
  • Trained as an Avionics Technician by the U.S. Marine Corps, honorably discharged;
  • Trained as a Web developer and community media videographer;
  • Certified Adobe Photoshop advanced user;
  • Lifelong gardener experienced with organic and hydroponics techniques, indoor and outdoor garden solutions;
  • Community organizer and public speaker, trained at Dale Carnegie;
  • Survivor of more than 100 west coast Grateful Dead shows;
  • Home and auto repair and renovation, specializing in DIY;
  • Alan is a very handy person with a good grip on technology, particularly regarding the Web and GIS, but also including the typical "honeydews."

About this Web site:
This site was created with handcoded HTML and Photoshop graphics. The background image is an aerial orthophotograph provided by MassGIS. The tile was created in Photoshop with a kaleidoscope effect added to the process. The image is only 25kb, so it loads fast, even for dialup viewers. Each page successfully passes the HTML 4.0 Transitional test setup by the World Wide Web Consortium.

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