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This is a sample GIS map created with ESRI ArcMap 9.2 Geographic Information System software. Can we create a map for you? We have access to aerial images of Berkshire County as well as the rest of Massachusetts. High resolution photography is also available at an increased cost, if your project requires more detail than our stock imagery provides.

The typical cost for a map like this is $150. Aerial imagery can be added at no extra cost.

MCLA's Zavatarro Athletic Complex

This map was created for a technical paper written by Professor Mike Ganger, Ph.D. The final version will be printed in black and white, or grayscale, at 300 dots per inch (dpi), measuring four inches by four inches, as directed by his publisher's instructions posted on their Web site. This digital representation was created for the Web, weighing in at 82kb and displaying at 800 by 600 pixels per inch (ppi).

GIS map of MCLA's Zavatarro Athletic Complex, including Scully Forest

These are the general steps I used to create this map. Turnaround time was a few days.

  • Create a working directory in ArcCatalog.
  • Download the orthophoto, state boundary, roads, and contours from Mass GIS.
  • Scan surveyed site plan for boundary information.
  • Create projected layers.
  • Digitize parcel boundary, lake, athletic complex, forest boundary, roads, and paved area in seperate layers.
  • Adjust outline and fill of layers.
  • Clip contours to extent of tax parcel.
  • Open attribute table, add acreage field, calculate acreage.
  • Create label using VBScript, adjust symbol property mask to halo text.
  • Convert label to annotation, for relocation in map.
  • Switch to layout view.
  • Insert new data frame for locus map.
  • Add state outline to locus map.
  • Add parcel boundary to locus map.
  • Insert title, north arrow, scale bar to map. Label roads using splined and regular text.
  • Export to JPEG.
  • Open JPEG in Photoshop.
  • Create arrow in Illustrator, place in Photoshop.
  • Save for print, four inches by four inches at 300 dpi.
  • Save for Web, 600x800 resolution at 72 ppi.

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